Catherine’s Flying Lesson

August 13th, 2011

Alleghency Count Airpot (AGC) in West Mifflin, PA

Here are some photos and videos from Catherine’s first flying lesson. She was controlling the aircraft from taxi-out, almost until touch down, and was even making some of the radio calls and readbacks! A huge thank you to Chris, her instructor, for such a comprehensive first lesson.

The first task of the day was to get fuel.  Catherine called for fuel, and within five minutes the fuel truck arrived.

Next came the preflight checks. Chris walked Catherine through everything, including checking the quality of the fuel, the nav lights, stall warner etc.

Then they were off!

Taxi Out

Take Off

After they’d been up there for a while we heard Catherine on the radio, reading back the landing clearance!


This is Chris and Catherine taxiing back to the terminal. Chris was steering on the ground – Catherine’s not quite tall enough to be able to exert enough force on the pedals just yet!

Taxi In and Shut Down

Finally the aircraft had to be parked, ready for the next student.